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Peter Wiesböck Product Manager

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Folding machine TF MAXI (up to A3)

The clever way to fold documents up to DIN A3 zu falzen

The TF MAXI wins over its versatility processing most different folding jobs quickly and precisely: You can choose between 7 different fold types of formats from A6 up to A3.  

Highlights of the folding machine TF MAXI

  • 7 fold types: single, wrap, Z-, double, door, engineering, cross fold
  • Paper width: 128 - 297 mm
  • Paper length: 182 - 432 mm
  • Paper weightt: 50 - 130 g/qm
  • Forms from DIN A6 up to DIN A3
  • 2 fold plates with quick and fine adjustment
  • Various adjustments for different kinds and thickness of paper
  • Fine adjustment of the fold parallelity
  • Feeding rolls and separator pads exchangeable
  • Paper out control
  • Extensible stacker
  • Max. speed 6.000 sheets/ h

One of the most compact DIN A3 table top folding machines of its class

The folding machine TF Maxi can handle a large range of most different paper weights and surfaces, even without scaling. The adjustment is easy and done in no time at all. The self explanatory fold types scale on both fold plates is a big help finding the correct setting position. The speed of up to 6.000 folds/h saves you a lot of time for other, more important and productive tasks.

The handling is easy and clear. The operating lever has four different positions. Everything is being controlled by this:

  • Position 1: Machine off
  • Position 2: Machine ready
  • Position 3: Test fold
  • Position 4: Folding continuously

Product video folding machine TF MAXI

Technical data & downloads of the folding machine TF MAXI

Technical specifications TF MAXI  
Important technical data TF MAXI
Paper width, Paper length 128 – 297 mm, 182 – 432 mm
Paper weight ca. 50 – 130 g/m2
Fold types Single, wrap, Z-, double parallel, door, engineering and cross fold
Document feeding capacity max. 300 sheets
2 fold plates incl. adjustment of fold plate and fine adjustment yes
Self explanatory scale for adjustment of the fold type yes
Adjustments possible for paper weights and surfaces yes
Fine adjustment of the fold parallelity yes
Paper end and jam control yes
Extensible stacking tray yes
Folding performance, speed fix max. 6.000 A4 sheets per hour
Dimensions (LxWxH) 79 x 42 x 50 cm
Weight 16 kg

*depending on material and applications (subject to technical changes)