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Julia Neu Manager Order Processing

HEFTER Systemform GmbH
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Inserting system SI 4400*

The compact inserting system for a maximum variety of applications

Mailings, invoices, quotations, circulars or salary slips must be processed and dispatched. This must be done automatically, quickly, variably and reliable. And maybe you'll have an application at your company in the near future of which you are not yet aware today. The solution for processing this automatically is the HEFTER Systemform SI 4400 inserting system.

Highlights of the inserting system SI 4400

  • Max. 4 feeding stations for documents
  • Max. 2 feeding stations for enclosures in envelope size
  • Paper width: 127 - 229 mm
  • Paper length: 175 - 406 mm
  • Paper weight: 60 - 120 g/ qm
  • Max. thickness of enclosures: 2 mm
  • Envelope sizes: C6/5, C5
  • Envelope lift
  • Fold types: Single, wrap, Z- and double parallel fold
  • Large display with graphic, icons and digits
  • Up to 20 jobs programmable
  • Counter / pre-counter for envelopes
  • Automatic double sheets / missing sheet control
  • "Swift Start™" function: Quick start with automatic form size recognition
  • "Cascade function": Automatic switch if one feeding station is empty
  • Assembling before folding

* available only as refurbished machines

Inserting of up to 6 stations

The model SI 4400 can process documents of up to 4 different stations and enclosures of up to 2 different enclosure stations. Even feeding several documents of just 1 station one in a row is possible. Overall up to 12 sheets can be collected, folded and inserted in C5 envelopes. Fold types available are: wrap, Z-, single and double sheet fold. The SI 4400 is offered in 7 different combinations with regard to its feeding stations for documents and enclosures. It can even be extended in its functions, e.g. with

  • OMR reading station, programmable (Optical Mark Recognition): This enables the SI 4400 to individually insert with the help of character codes 
  • Power stacker
  • Envelope size C6(114 x 162 mm)
  • Inline connection to a franking machine

Completely adapted to your organisation.

    Technical data & downloads of your inserting system SI 4400

    Standard feature: TABLE TOP INSERTING SYSTEM SI 4400
    Automatic feeding station for unfolded documents 2 / optionally 4
    Automatic feeding stations for enclosures (envelope size) 1/ optionally 2
    Paper width (in mm) 127-229
    Paper legnth (in mm) 175-406
    Paper weight for unfolded documents (in g/m2) 60-120
    Max. thickness of enclosures in envelope size 2 mm
    Fold types Single, wrap, Z- and double parallel fold
    Speed max. (cycles/h)* 4.000
    Feeding capacity per document station* 325
    Feeding station per enclosure station 300 mm
    Envelope sizes C6/5, C5
    Cascade function (automatic switch if one station is empty) yes
    Quick start with automatic form size recognition (SWIFT START™) yes
    Assembling before folding up to 5 sheets yes
    Daily mail function yes
    Number of programmable jobs 20
    Large display with graphic, icons and digits yes
    Automatic counter / pre-counter for envelopes yes
    Automatic double and missing sheet control yes
    Automatic fault management yes
    OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), programmable yes
    Online connection to a franking machine yes
    Cabinet yes
    Conveyor stacker yes
    Automatic feeding station of unfolded documents, retrofit up to 4
    Automatic feeding station of enclosures (envelope size), retrofit up to 2
    Envelope size C6 (114 x 162mm) yes

     *depending on material and applications
    subject to technical changes